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AI Copywriting tool available to everyone through ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence

AutoWriter is a WordPress plugin that uses Artificial Intelligence from OpenAI to:

How does it work?
It is very simple! you can publish your first post from here in 4 clicks

1. Write the title for your post

This is the most important step. Our plugin will create the content of the post only with the title you choose.

2. Create the table of contents

Our plugin creates the table of contents for you, if you wish. You can also modify it by adding subscripts.

3. Select the image of your post

Our plugin will take up to 9 images related to the title you have chosen. Just choose the one you like best

4. Save your post

Ready! The last thing you should do is choose to save the post as a draft or publish it directly.

How to install the AuroWriter WordPress SEO Plugin​

You will need to download the SEO Plugin for WordPress ZIP file. To install it you will only have to follow the following steps:

1- Log in to your WordPress administration panel.

2- Go to the WordPress Plugins page and click the Add New button. Then upload the .zip file you downloaded.

3- Click on «Install now» and then on «Activate».

4- Now you can start creating content!

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